Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Any day with a ferry crossing is a good day

 The morning was cool in the mid 60's at the start as we headed west along the north side of Lake Ontario toward Toronto where we'll be by Saturday. We pretty much hugged the coast line with Lake Ontario on our left.

The highlight for the day was a 15 minute ferry ride that I'll touch on shortly. About 16 miles out we passed through the small town of Bath and spied a coffee shop called The Lodge Coffee House. About 8 or 9 of us piled into the shop and ordered up our drinks and retired to the patio in the rear where we relaxed in their adirondack chairs until it was time to leave. We were about 1/2 to the Glenora Ferry that would take us from Adolphuston to Glenora on a free 15 minute ride.

I'm not sure what it is about riding a ferry, but every time a bicyclist rides a ferry, it's like a bunch of golden retrievers in a station wagon going for a ride.    

Lunch waited for us about 8 miles after the ferry landing and the location was ideal. Sue and Peter had done a good job of setting up the lunch so that we could be back on the road fairly quickly.

The final stretch in was modified from the planned route by Chuck to shave some miles off the ride, avoid some climbs and by happy accident point us a bit out of the wind which by now swung from southerly to more westerly and increased speed to about 10 mph.

We rode in a pack pretty much and were able to close the remaining 25 miles in pretty good time.

See all of today's photos (link)

Keep the rubber side down,

Brian Cox

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