Friday, July 21, 2023

Clouds, showers and trails

Boy did it rain last night!. Got back from dinner last night and the skies opened up and we had a good old storm with thunder and lightning and pouring rain.  It passed through pretty quickly and we woke up to cool temperatures in the mid 60's with gorgeous roads, bike paths and cloudscapes that would be a delight all day.

Of course the entire ride wasn't rainbows and unicorns, but on a scale of 1 to 10, it must have been a solid 9.  The start of the ride had a number of steep climbs, at one point my Garmin GPS was reading an 11% climb which is enough to make you wonder why you are doing this silly ride. But comes along the quiet roads and vistas of fields and by taking just a bit more time, you start scanning the sky to see the awe inspiring clouds bunching up slowly morph into shapes that contains bright whites, dark gray with patches of blue sky showing here and there.

Moments after we reached the lunch stop, the sky opened up and just poured. We were fortunate that the lunch was set up under a gazebo in the middle of a lakeside park. Within 20 minutes of so, the rain had passed and when lunch was done, we were off on some beautiful trails that would be with us almost until the end of the ride. The trails wound their way westward punctuated with several wooden bridges.

With the passing of the rain, the headwinds increased quite a bit and we really felt it when we were not protected by trees and shrubs and was more exposed.

Looking back on the ride, I only hope that the final day of riding into Toronto tomorrow is as nice as today's rides

See all of today's photos (link)

Keep the rubber side down,

Brian Cox

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