Saturday, July 22, 2023

How Sweet It Is!

 Sorry to report that this was the 14th and final day of the ride from Ajax to Toronto. Close to 55 miles. We continued on the same beautiful lakeside trails that we rode on yesterday.  The trail runs so close to the edge of the lake, that often we rode on wooden planked bridges as we spanned solid road surfaces.

Wooden Bridge

The sky was blue with only occasional clouds and like previous days the temperatures were cool in the morning and warming as the day progressed. Folks that had rear fenders, had removed them as the chance of rain today was nil.

When we were not on dedicated bike paths, we were on quiet residential streets for the most part. Shortly before lunch, we did have a flashback to the ride from Geneva, NY to Oswego, NY where we pushed our way through mud.

The GPS route led us through some shrubbery to a winding single track path through the woods. Much to my surprise, there wasn't much concern as we shouldered the bushes aside in several places. We were rewarded with a beautiful view of Lake Ontario along the way. We encountered cyclists coming from the opposite direction that gave us confidence that we wouldn't be repeating the previous off-road experiences today. With only a couple more twisty turns and a rough asphalt downhill road, we were soon at lunch.

From lunch the bike path became more urban. The lake on our left and outer edges of Toronto on our right. Construction on the bike path forced us to fine a detour and somehow we found ourselves on a freeway bridge with high speed traffic on either side of us. We quickly found an off ramp and back to the bike path as fast as we could.

The final 15 miles included a gelato stop followed by a riverside trail leading deeper into Toronto and finally to the same hotel that we had started from 14 days ago,

See all of today's photos (link)

Keep the rubber side down,

Brian Cox

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