Sunday, July 9, 2023

I Get to Drive Today

 The trip is a volunteer effort between biking friends. It's wonderful to go on a "catered" where you show up and the wonderful staff; creates the routes, arranges lodging, provides the food and do everything within their power to provide you with an exceptional experience. I've been very fortunate to take catered tours. TDA Global Cycling is an great example.

This trip is a fully volunteer effort where we form a committee of folks that over a course of several months we plan the routes, arrange the accommodations and dinners, figure out the logistics of transportation and lunches. It's only after you participate on putting one of these trips together do you really and truly appreciate the commitment, skill, patience and experience that a professional ride company brings to the party.

This year has been my first time in being on the ride committee of 12 individuals that in this this ride.  My part has been digital communications and ride longistics. Part of the ride logistics have included in coordination folks renting vehicles, shopping list, bringing equipment and such.

We have a van that carries the luggage from hotel to hotel. The van also carries the food for the "picnic" that includes sandwich fixings, drinks, snacks, fruits and such.

We rotate daily drivers with everyone taking turns driving. With 20 riders, each rider only has to drive once or twice during the tour.

 With today being the first day, I needed experience to find out if our extensive daily shopping list was sufficient and that all the riders had enough for the food for the rest of the ride.

So tomorrow I'll be on the riding and other will be driving the van. We'll be heading to  Niagara Falls crossing the bridge and ending the day in New York.

See today's photo's: link

Keep the rubber side down,


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