Saturday, July 15, 2023

Muddy Trails

 Some days the rides are easier to predict than other days. Today, not so much. It started out with a nice breeze that pushed us along with a nice clip. Past Seneca Lake and through Seneca Falls before turning north. We were making pretty good time. So good that we became concerned that we would make it to the picnic stop (30 miles) before the van had a chance to get set up and ready for us.

Oh that's when it happened. One of the turns on the route landed us on a trail that looked pretty rough, but being the intrepid bikers, we push on. Past the first mud hole, then the second and the third. Surely the GPS routing software would let us down. It kept cheerfully saying the next road was just ahead and surely it would be better than this one.

Well we got to the spot that the new road was supposed to be, just a left hand turn. Turns out the mapping data must have been faulty. The road, though it showed on the GPS devices, wasn't there. We finally turned around and mostly pushed our muddy bikes back to the start of this little adventure.  

The bikes and the riders were coated in mud and we needed to use what ever sticks and such to knock the caked on mud before we could re-routh and get back on the route again.

When we got to the hotel at the end of the day, out came the rags, soap and garden hose as we hosed down the bikes and cleaned off the grime from today's ride.

All of today's photos (link)

Keep the rubber side down,

Brian Cox

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