Friday, July 14, 2023

Thank You Trek Bikes

 After yesterday's shortened route, we were treated today to the ideal biking weather. Skies clear, temperatures cool in the morning. On tap for today was 3 different rides ranging from 22 miles to 78 miles. Six of us decided on the longer route starting at our hotel in Geneva and heading south to make a loop around Keuka Lake with the turn around point in the town of Hammondsport at the 40 mile mark.

We headed out of town south while gently climbing to a point that we could look down on Seneca Lake to our left about 2 miles to our left East of our route. After we passed through the town of Benton the town of Penn Yan awaited us at the 17 mile point. We were alerted by riders that passed through Penn Yan yesterday that Amity Coffee was the place to stop. They weren't wrong, I had a latte and a blueberry cream croissant. It was delicious. 

Shortly after we left Penn Yan we head down the east side of Keuka Lake, mostly following the lakeshore road with houses on either side and the lake on the right.

We reached Hammondsport at about noon and stopped at a quirky art studio and cafe called "Aroma Coffee Art Gallery".

As we started back, about 4 miles on the return trip, I reached down with my right hand to shift the rear cluster gears when I noticed the gears did not respond. The rear gears of the bike are the most used set of gears on the bike that allow you to make it easier for you to climb hills. Without the rear gears you only have the 3 front gears, called rings to adjust the ratio of the pedals to the rear wheels. At the time, we were on a pretty level road surface and there was no need to notify the other riders as I was able to maintain pace, but at the 56 mile point we hit a substantial climb that almost brought me to a standstill. We pulled off at an overlook and I jerry rigged the rear gears to make it a bit easier to use the remaining 3 gears to make it home.

The other riders shepherded me back to Geneva by riding in front of me, thus blocking the wind and allowing me to make better progress.

Fortunately there's an exceptional Trek Bike shop in Geneva and they were able to make the necessary repairs to restore full operation so that I'll be ready to continue the ride tomorrow. So I need to say Thank you Trek Bikes, I don't know where I would be without you.

All of today's photos (link)

Keep the rubber side down,

Brian Cox

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  1. Wow that was an adventure. You will have to leave the Trek shop a good review