Monday, July 3, 2023

The Wheels on the Bike Go 'Round n 'Round

On the way to Toronto for the start of the ride I visited my brother Ed and wife Rosemary in Fayson Lakes in New Jersey for a 2 week visit. I shipped my bike via  It arrived a couple of days ago so it was time to assemble it and take it on a little spin around the North Jersey Lakelands on a 30 mile ride. I plotted the ride using RideWithGPS starting at Ed's house and heading south to a picturistic town of Denville.

The route took me on rolling rural roads that followed several lakes that is the main attraction of this part of the state. I hope that today's photos capture even a small portion of the tranquility of an early morning ride I experienced with the damp road below my tires and the blue sky above and the early morning sun peaking through the tree's branches and leaves.

Some folks have early morning yoga and stretching while others go jogging. For me, today was a tranquil experience with the rolling road some downhill and occasionally shifting down and standing on the pedals up over the next rise.

Before entering Denville and taking a coffee break I took a diversion around a pond called Rock Ridge. Seems that many of these lakes and ponds each have their own club houses with swimming docks and canoes. What a way to spend the summer.

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Keep the rubber side down,


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