Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Too many titles for today's ride

 Part of these blogs is trying to figure out a blog title. Today I'm at a loss. Started out at Niagara Falls with a destination of Brockport on the Erie Canal. The route headed South East from Niagara Falls to Tonawanda with the Niagara river on our right.  At this point in the ride I might have titled the blog entry, "The Mighty Niagara River".

At the 12 1/2 mile point we went through a small town like you would see out of a movie set, then on my right it recognized a coffee shop then on my left a movie theater. I then realized that in 2021 I had a break stop in the town on my tour of the Erie Canal and memories of the trip started to flood back to me.

Up ahead, a beautiful little square was ahead, In 2021 this was a construction mess and now a cobble stone entrance to the Erie Canal bike path also newly paved. The bike path wound under shady trees following the canal and occasionally exiting the  path on to surface streets only to re-enter the path with pleasure boat tied to the docks to the left and neat little home on the right. In the time between 2021 and now, less than 2 years, I had forgotten how pretty this ride is, so I could have titled the blog entry, "How Quickly We Forget".

As we moved further down the path, past Lockport, the trail turned from paved path to packed soil and the wind, coming from the West started to push us along starting at 16 MPH to 17, to 18, 19 and finally to 20 MPH with barely any effort. I could have titled the blog to, "So Fast, So Far, So Easy".

At the end of the 75 mile ride in Brockport, we pulled into an ice cream shop at 4PM. On the menu was an item that caught my eye called "Monster Shake. I was hot and a bit tired. I looked at the "Monster Shake" and figured, how big the shake could be anyway. So I ordered it. I had second thoughts when I saw the girl behind the counter reach in to the back and pull out this huge paper cup and drop 1, 2, 3 and 4 large scoops of ice cream into the cup, then milk into the cup. Must have been a quart of ice cream and milk in that cup. Of course I downed it all. At that point I could have titled this blog, "I Can't Believe That I Ate the Whole Thing".

I have no idea what tomorrow's blog will be titled, but I know that it will be a wonderful ride.

All of today's photos: (link)

Keep the rubber side down,

Brian Cox

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  1. Hi Brian, Thanks for taking the time to write the blog and take the pictures; looks like a fabulous trip! BTW, love ALL your titles! LOL. Enjoy...