Thursday, July 6, 2023

Tour de Firehouses

 Still enjoying the beauty of the Northern Lakelands of New Jersey and taking early morning rides in preparation for the Lake Ontario tour that are only a couple of days away. 

I pretty much followed the same loop for as before with a couple of extra side road diversions to get a few more climbs and to find some less traveled routes. As opposed to riding in the LA and Pasadena areas in California, this route for the entire 30 miles had only a couple of stop signs and 2 traffic lights, very peaceful indeed.

 As you follow the route, you will notice a number of volunteer fire houses along the way. Today's route includes 5 stations. The route today was 30 miles, with 5 stations along the route, that is an average of a fire station every 6 miles. So I guess in this community, you're never more than 3 miles from the nearest fire station.

Are you interested in participating in being a volunteer firefighter? Click here to find out more:

To view today's photo album, click here

Keep the rubber side down,


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